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Do I really need an injury lawyer?

Insurance companies have thousands of employees working hard each day to deny or limit compensation to truly injured accident victims. They work behind the scenes by funding advertising campaigns to convince the public that most injury claims are “frivolous.”  Winning a favorable verdict at trial that fairly compensates you is not easy. Negotiating a fair settlement without going to court can be just as hard. Don’t risk losing your claim or selling yourself short because you did not ask a lawyer.

Peace of Mind

The best reason to hire an injury lawyer is to have the peace of mind that you can go to someone with questions about your case. It also means that every issue that comes up can be handled by a professional who has seen that issue before.

You may have questions like:

  • How will you deal with medical liens filed by hospitals and other doctors?
  • Should you use your health insurance for medical care even though the other driver’s insurance should pay?
  • Should you give a recorded statement over the phone?
  • Does your health insurance have the right to be repaid once you settle?
  • Will you get a rate increase if you use the coverage on your own policy to handle your property damage or medical bills?
  • What if the other driver did not have current insurance or was excluded?
  • What if your injuries are minor? How can you prove you were hurt?
  • How can you be seen for medical care if you do not have health insurance and cannot afford out-of-pocket charges each visit?
  • Can you get compensation for more than just medical bills? How about lost wages? Pain and suffering?  Future medical needs?
  • How long is too long to wait for an answer from the insurance company?
  • What if the officer did not give the other driver a ticket or even gave you a ticket? Can a claim still be made?

These are perfectly valid questions.  You deserve answers and will get answers if you hire the right attorney.

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