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Dog owners are automatically liable for any damage their dog causes to anyone if the dog is “at large.” “At large” means not on a leash or not enclosed within the yard or house. Dog owners can also be liable, even if their dog is on a leash or enclosed, if they do something negligent. For example, if they know that their dog is vicious and has bitten people before, and they don’t warn you when you come into their house or have the dog enclosed in a separate room, they are liable for any injury that their dog causes.

There’s a one year statute of limitations for automatic liability for animals at large. To accuse someone of negligence you have a two year statute of limitations, but it is more challenging to prove negligence than to prove liability for a dog at large. It can be complicated to decide which kind of case you need to file and that’s one of the reasons why it’s important to have a good and experienced attorney helping you on your case.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Injuries Sustained In Dog Bite Cases?

Dog bites usually come with some kind of scarring and it’s important to have a doctor look at how the wound is healing to make sure there’s no infection. Sometimes, scarring is minor and sometimes it’s very serious. However, dog attacks do not always involve bites. They can involve a dog jumping at a bicyclist, for example, and the bicyclist falls over and breaks a wrist or suffers a head injury. Psychological injury is also common after a dog attack.

Who Might Be Held Liable In A Dog Bite Injury Claim?

The dog owner is always liable, but sometimes there is someone who is taking care of the animal who may also be negligent. The dog owner’s landlord may also be held liable if we can prove that the he or she should have known that the dog was dangerous, either by knowing the dog was of a dangerous breed or through prior incidents. We should always look at all of the possibilities when deciding who to make a claim against.

Who Should I Notify Regarding A Dog Bite Accident Or Injury?

The first person to notify of a dog attack is the police. The police will usually contact animal control and animal control will send an officer out to investigate the situation. That is important because it’s good to have a report generated and the police or animal control will do that. Also, police and animal control will make sure that if the animals should be put down, that that will happen. Animal control will sometimes also get insurance information for you and put that in the report.

It is also important to contact a good lawyer right away. You need good legal help with a dog bite, just like any other injury. The first person the lawyer should contact is the owner of the dog. Unlike a car accident case, you don’t necessarily have an exchange of insurance information after a dog bite incident. We need to get that insurance information from the owner.

Is The Amount Of Damages That I Receive Determined By The Severity Of The Injury?

As with any kind of injury claim, the more severe your injury, the more damages you are entitled to. There are emotional injuries a person can suffer that are just as important to consider as physical injuries. This is especially true for dog attack injuries because of how scary and traumatizing it can be for the person who is attacked.

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