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The most important thing to do is call the police, and they usually will take a pretty thorough report. It is also helpful to take pictures of the damage to both vehicles. In some cases, measurements of skid marks are important, and it can be helpful to have pictures of them at the scene as well.

What Evidence Can We Rely On If I Was Too Badly Injured To Gather Evidence?

Usually, police will get all of the names and insurance information. If you are too badly injured to get photos at the scene, there’s not much you can do about that, but the good news is that those photos usually are helpful but not absolutely necessary, and we can probably win your case without them. If a family member can go back to the scene of the accident within a day or two and take pictures of the area, skid marks, debris, etc., that can sometimes be helpful.

Should I Always Call The Police If I Have Been In An Auto Accident?

You should always call the police, even if the accident is fairly minor. What appears to be minor at first sometimes causes bothersome injuries requiring a lot of therapy. However, if you did not call the police, or if the police did not come, as long as you have the name, address, license plate, insurance company, and insurance policy number of the other driver, we can open a claim and have success with your case. If you just snap a photo of the insurance card and license plate, that is often enough to go on, but try to get a photo of the driver’s license as well.

Why Is It Important To Get A Copy Of The Police Report?

We can get the police report for you if you hire us. We need that because it contains lots of information about the other driver and their insurance policy. It will also show who got a ticket and what the violation was, it will usually have a diagram of the accident, and it may have witness statements and contact information for those witnesses.

Should I Ever Admit I Had Any Fault For The Accident?

“Fault” is a legal conclusion that may depend on a lot of facts that you do not know about. It is never a good idea to admit any fault. Let the police do a thorough investigation. Admit to the police any fact that they ask for, tell them what you were doing, what you saw, etc. Do not lie to the police. If you are concerned about possible criminal liability, you can tell them you want to speak to a lawyer first and decline any further comment. Do this only if you know you consumed alcohol or drugs recently or if there is a chance the other driver is dead or may die from their injuries. Infractions such as running a light or speeding are not criminal violations unless the other driver dies as a result.

What Medical Records Will I Need To Provide To My Attorney?

All of your medical records may be provided to the insurance company and their lawyers. This is necessary in order to prove your injuries. However, if you have unrelated medical issues and are concerned about keeping these confidential – especially mental health records – let your attorney know. A good attorney can often keep such records away from the other side. We can get copies of all the relevant medical records directly from your doctors, but if you can get them and bring them to us, that will save some time and money.

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