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Generally, the bigger the vehicle involved in an accident, the greater the possibility that very serious injuries will result. Broken bones are very common in these kinds of accidents. Burn injuries can occur, as vehicles can very easily burst into flames. Brain injuries frequently result from the more severe impacts. Any of these injuries can result in death and a wrongful death claim, which is how the surviving family members of a person who dies in an accident can claim damages for the loss of a loved one in an accident.

Who Can All Be Held Responsible In A Commercial Vehicle Or Trucking Accident?

The trucking company is liable for the negligence of their employee. We also always have to look for any drivers of other vehicles who may have been at fault. Sometimes, there’s more than one driver at fault for a collision. The trucking company does have to pay for your medical bills, but we often have to make them pay. We have to prove, sometimes in a court of law, that their driver was responsible. Big companies don’t always want to accept that their driver was at fault.

Most trucking companies have very large liability insurance policies, usually at least $1,000,000. However, just because there’s a large insurance policy doesn’t mean that you can expect to get that much money. We have to prove how much our client was damaged. If the damages are very large, at least we know that there is almost always going to be enough insurance to cover all of those damages.

How Much Compensation Can I Expect To Receive In An Accident With a Commercial Vehicle?

How much compensation a person receives always depends on what damages or injuries they suffered. If the trucking case does involve very serious injuries, then usually there will be more than enough insurance to pay for those damages, even when a death results from the accident. Most trucking companies have insurance policy limits that are much higher than what individuals carry.

How Do Commercial Vehicle Accidents Tend To Differ From Passenger Vehicle Only Accidents?

Trucking cases tend to be more complicated. A bigger vehicle will usually do more damage, and these cases can involve many vehicles. Proving what happened in the accident can be complicated and sometimes will require an accident reconstruction, where outside experts come in and piece together what happened. It’s very difficult to do that without being represented by an attorney. Also, when damages are significant, it can be very difficult to get what is fair for your injuries. The more serious your injuries are, the more money you should get, but the more work you have in front of you to prove your entitlement to that money.

Insurance companies don’t like to pay large sums of money, so it takes work to prove what your damages are. Just because you have a doctor’s report and medical bills does not mean that the insurance company will agree with you that those injuries came from this accident, or that your medical treatment was necessary. You have to get doctors to testify that the treatment is both necessary and reasonable and that the injuries were caused by the accident.

Trucking companies have specific federal and state regulations that they have to follow, and sometimes they don’t. In a case involving a commercial vehicle, you have to find out if they really were doing all that they were supposed to do. In order to do that, you need an attorney who knows what those federal regulations are, what the state regulations are, and how to get documentation from the trucking company to prove whether any of those regulations were violated.

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