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The Right Lawyer


I thought I called an attorney not a paralegal!

Too many times, people in need of serious legal advice after an accident get routed to a secretary or paralegal without ever talking directly to a lawyer. That must be very frustrating! When you call my cell phone, I will answer.  If you get my voice mail I will call you back the same day. I will meet with you personally in my office or in your home, anywhere in the metropolitan Phoenix area for a free consultation. I even travel to Prescott, Casa Grande and Tucson to meet with new clients.  There is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting with your lawyer, and you should not have to pay a fee until your lawyer gets results!

What happened to my lawyer?

Once you hire me, I am your lawyer from start to finish. Some people get to meet with a lawyer at the beginning but then never see or speak to him or her again for the duration of their case.  That sounds like a hit and run to me!  If you are my client you can call and speak to me on my cell phone any time.  If you hire a lawyer you should get a lawyer, not a secretary.  Some matters may be fine to discuss with a legal assistant.  But it is important to know that if you need a difficult question answered or if you have a concern that is troubling you, I will be available to you as often as you need until your case is done.