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You should never contact the other driver’s insurance company without good legal representation. Your attorney will handle everything for you in terms of setting up a claim, giving the insurance company the information they need, and possibly giving them a recorded statement. A statement should only be given after you’ve been prepared by your attorney.

It is very important that you get the appropriate medical care. People sometimes wait until the insurance company tells them they’ll pay for it. That’s a big mistake because the insurance company rarely agrees to pay anything without seeing medical records and bills. You need to see a doctor soon if you didn’t go to the emergency room right after the accident. We can often help with doctor referrals for people who don’t already have a doctor or don’t have a good health insurance network. Many doctors will give treatment and wait for payment until your case settles if you have an attorney.

What Is Fault As It Relates To Auto Accidents? How Can It Impact My Injury Claim?

Fault technically means negligence plus damages. Negligence is falling below the expected standard of care – for example, not doing what reasonable drivers are supposed to do. If that negligence causes damages, then that’s what the court calls “fault.” In order to prove negligence, sometimes we look at the police report and what citations the other driver got. Sometimes we have to go deeper than that and do some additional investigation, because the police report is not always as thorough as it should be. In fact, sometimes a police report is just plain wrong. That makes your case more challenging, but with good representation, you still have a chance.

How Long Does It Generally Take To Receive Funds If A Settlement Has Been Reached In An Auto Accident Claim?

Usually it takes a few weeks for a settlement check to arrive. Once it arrives, we need the client to endorse that settlement check, so it can be deposited into a separate account called a trust account. Then we have to wait for 10 days before we can disburse the money. Usually, it will be approximately three to four weeks from the time that we settle a claim until a client is actually receiving their money. There are things that can make the process take longer. For example, there could be a doctor or a hospital with bills that have to be paid from the settlement, and sometimes reductions or discounts must be negotiated before the settlement can be disbursed.

What Happens If I Am Involved In An Auto Accident And The other Person Does Not Have Auto Insurance?

Hopefully, you have uninsured motorist coverage or UM coverage. If you have UM, your insurance will cover what the other driver’s insurance would have covered. The more coverage you have, the more confidence you can have that it will cover all of your damages.

Sometimes, a person has liability insurance but they have the minimum liability insurance, which is $15,000 per person. It’s very easy to have medical expenses that go far above that amount. Under-insured motorist coverage, or UIM, covers your damages if they are more than the other driver’s insurance limit. If you have that additional coverage, it will pay whatever the other person’s insurance won’t. UM and UIM usually go together and should be added to everyone’s auto policy.

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