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When can a person make a negligence claim?

You can make a claim for damages in almost any situation in which a person or a company is negligent and you suffer some damage as a result. What is negligence? The legal definition is the failure to observe a duty of due care. What is that? Basically, it means that someone has not been as careful as a reasonable person would have been in any given situation. This comes up most frequently in car accidents, but many other situations can involve negligence that causes harm.

I have represented injured clients successfully in many varieties of cases, including:

The only way to know if you have a strong case is to call us. Once I am able to discuss all of the details with you, we can decide together if it makes sense to pursue a claim.

Will I have to go to court?

Most cases settle before going to court. Being prepared to go to court is the best way to accomplish this. We have the courtroom and litigation experience needed to see a serious injury or wrongful death case through to its successful conclusion.

Usually cases go to court when we have a major disagreement with the insurance company or other party about whether they were at fault. Sometimes the insurance company does not believe our client was injured as much as we have claimed. In either situation, a person must be prepared to file suit when necessary, and an experienced lawyer is the key to being able to do this well. When people try to represent themselves in court, they usually find themselves in very unfamiliar territory in which just one bad step can mean the loss of their case.

When a case does go to litigation, usually it does not mean the case will go all the way to a trial. There are many opportunities to resolve a case once it is in litigation, and most of the work is done on paper and sent between your attorney and the defense attorney hired by the insurance company. We will explain the whole process to you before filing suit so you can make an informed decision about taking that step. Once a law suit is filed, we are with you every step of the way.