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2707_Web.ashx I have been defending the rights of the victims of negligence in Arizona since 1996.  Accident Law is all I do.  If you were injured by someone else’s fault, we need to talk. You can call my cell phone day or night.

Especially in cases of serious injury and death, insurance companies can be ruthless in their efforts to limit your compensation.  The stakes are higher, and a competent and compassionate attorney can be the difference between justice and disaster. We tenaciously defend your rights and vigorously hold those responsible to their obligations.

Don’t go it alone if you have been injured in any kind of incident.  Don’t be fooled into believing that the insurance company for the other party will treat you fairly just because the accident was “clearly the other guy’s fault.”

Let us help you get the fair compensation you deserve. Please contact us with the e-mail link above 24-hours a day or by phone regarding your accident, injury, or wrongful death case.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

Don’t go up against a giant insurance company on your own.

The Right Lawyer

Hire someone who will actually take your calls.

Do I Have a Case?

The one way to know if you have a strong case is to call us.

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